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19 October 2014 @ 05:37 am
I chose to do 10 high contrast and 10 low contrast icons for this round. Many of these - mainly the high contrast ones - are a mess. I just wasn't getting anything to turn out right this time. So if anything looks..odd, awful, or just boring believe me, I know. D:

There isn't as much texture use in these like I normally do..which I think is why I think they're boring or lacking in something. Everything just looked like crap so I just said to hell with it, let's color and that's what I did. So if you're on of those people who like minimalism in icons this is your post!

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11 August 2014 @ 11:26 pm
Ask the maker fill for: alghuls & reebeecaa.

Everything is under spoiler cuts. If anything isn't clear, feel free to ask questions! :D

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14 July 2014 @ 05:22 pm
I am working on my ask the maker requests but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to finish this month and into most of the next as a lot of RL things are starting to bottleneck and I need to focus on those. I'm hoping to be able to hurry and get them done before September but I can't guarantee it unfortunately. They will get done though!

I also wanted to dump some icons that are not icon challenge related that I've been meaning to post but never got around to and about 6 months worth of challenge icons. x__x Not all of them because there's a lot I hate now lol but a hell of a lot though! :P

125 icons
Teen Wolf
Almost Human
Game of Thrones
True Detective
Star Wars

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03 July 2014 @ 09:10 pm
This particular icon of mine has been getting some attention again lately and I wanted to just pause between my ATM fills and get it settled.

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03 July 2014 @ 03:39 am
Ask the maker filled request 1 of ?

Ask the maker fill for: anassa_anemou.

Everything is under spoiler cuts to keep from scrolling for ages. If anything isn't clear, feel free to ask questions! :D

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20 June 2014 @ 12:24 am
My first set for 20inspirations! I really struggled with this; my creativity is just gone (you can tell the further down you go, my descriptions become shorter. smh). It was rather frustrating because I feel like a lot of these are too similar to what I normally do and not 'out there' enough. But here it is, it's not like I had hoped but at least I finished it and I made some icons I really liked.

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05 May 2014 @ 04:07 am
I was planning on doing this yesterday but uh...things happened like, marathoning SW and forgetting I had PS open... ;__;

10 Star Wars icons

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12 April 2014 @ 10:15 pm
Filled requests for setentpet & sodamnreckless. Click on your usernames on the cuts below for the tutorials you requested! Feel free to ask any questions! :D


There's at least 20 layers to this so I'm posting the psd. Get it here!

This is the original cap, here. Just so you know, I had cut out the image and painted on hair on a different layer below it before I resized it. It doesn't have to be perfect as by the time it's resized it'll look fine. I just used a random hair brush that I found on deviantart I'm not sure which one as I have several sets but it's one of those that doesn't have actual hair brush but more like..uh several dots to make up the brush. This is a terrible explaination, sorry! D:

Here are the textures you will need, one - two. The third one is a texture like this, I can't find the original but I think it's a pretty universal one that I think you can find somewhere.

If anything isn't clear, just let me know!

[Sam & Dean]
I have searched for this cap and I can't find it. I wanna know how people find caps they used before for tutorials because rEALLY. Do you sell your soul, chant something in Latin while hula hooping to find a cap you used OR IS THAT JUST ME.

You will need that elusive screencap that you must sell your soul to find.

You will then copy the layer twice. Cut Dean out of one and Sam out of the other (layer masks are best in case you make a mistake but do what you like).

Then move them so they look like this

Oh and the bottom color layer need to be #f1e8e0 not white.

Then take this texture and paste it beneath Sam & Dean and set to multiply at 79%.

Take this texture and copy the numbers and set to Screen.

Take this texture and make it this brownish grey and white

And paste it onto your canvas so it looks like this

Set to Multiply.

Then ctrl + alt + shift + e to merge the background layers into one and sharpen that layer to your liking.

Everything should look something like this

Create a Hue/Saturation layer and set the layer to Color and set saturation to +23.

Create Brightness/Contrast layer and select 'Legacy' and set both slots to 7.

THIS IS WHERE EVERYTHING GOES WRONG D: I literally have no idea what I did next and why this layer looks like this and how I did it. WTF (it's set to screen at 42% btw)

So thankfully you can kinda skip this all together and just create a new layer like Levels to lighten up the guys and create another layer and put some green in the right corner and set it to like soft light or something? That's as close as I can get it!

Moving on with that weird layer so your results may vary but it should come out really close!

You will need this texture (I think it's by midnight_road?) set the layer to Screen at 57%. It looks like I added a noise filter to it as well.

Create a Color Balance layer and set it to color then change the settings to -5, +26, -37.

You will need this gradient map. It is set to Hard Light at 32%.

Create a new layer and take a soft brush with black and brush over these parts.

Set the layer to Soft Light at 63%.

Create a Hue/Saturation layer and set the layer to Color and change saturation to +17.

Next you will need this gradient map. It's set to Multiply at 17%.

Create a new layer and paste this texture (that I have no idea where it's from) and rotate it so it's just at the bottom of the icon. Set the layer to Screen at 74%

Merge all the layers into one again and sharpen the background only to your liking. Flatten, save, and you're done!



This is the cap we will be working with HERE. If you can find a larger more hq version than this the better because you need to cut out everything including every individual feather (I know, I died doing this as well T___T) and you NEED layer masks while doing this because we'll be needing that cut out shape at a few points in this tutorial.
So after you get that out of the way save it so when you resize it you have the original backed up somewhere for that 'just in case' scenario (like my PS crashes at the worst times so I just save every little thing at this point. lol)

Create a new layer and create a gradient background with a dark blue to the upper left corner and a even darker blue to the lower right corner. Like so,

The angle of lighting at it's brightest point will be from the upper left so keep that in mind while doing this.

Take this texture and line it up like this

Set to Screen at 60%

Copy the base gradient layer and move it up above the last layer and set to Soft Light at 36%.

'k now we're going to need that cut out now. If you have layer masks hold down ctrl and left click on the mask to create a selection. Create a new layer beneath Katniss and fill that selection with black. Then while on that layer hit ctrl + t to open up the crop thing (not sure what it's called). Then hold down the alt key and click on a corner of the black shadow and drag it a direction you want it to go (like a shadow. remember where the light is coming from!) and do this with all the corners until you get something like this

It's not perfect but it's close. Blur like you see in the image above and set the layer to Soft Light at 44%. It should look something like this when you have you Katniss layer visible

Copy the layer of Katniss and sharpen to your liking or something like this

I actually used the sharpen tool as well as smart sharpen. It really brings out the tiny details I think. My layer is set to 43% so it's not too sharp.

Create a new layer and take this dark blue #0c1826 and brush with a large soft brush on the bottom right corner. It should have a wide fade out, like it should be darkest in the bottom right corner and sort of dark in the middle of the icon at an angle (remember the light source). Set to Soft Light.

Create a new layer and take this blue #143669 to the upper left corner and with that large brush you used to the same thing again just with a light color. Set to Screen.

Create a new layer and merge everything into that layer (ctrl + alt + shift + e) the copy that layer (we'll be using it in a minute). Use a gradient map to make it black and white (gradient map the merge down into that layer). Use the noise filter to give it some noise then select that mask again and cut Katniss out. Should look like this

Then set the layer to Screen at 66%

Go back to that layer copy and add the noise filter to that as well. Then set it to Soft Light at 25%.

Create a Levels layer and change the settings to 9, 1.25, 229.

Create a Brightness/Contrast layer and set the contrast to 27.

Create a Hue/Saturation layer set the layer to Color and change the saturation to +8.

Create another Hue/Saturation layer, set to Color and change the Saturation to +43. Erase from her face and arms and then reduce the opacity under the Edit menu or (Shift + Ctrl + F). Should look like this on your layer palette.

Create a Selective Color layer, set to Color and change the settings like so,
Cyans; +100, -28, -100, +10
Blues; +100, -25, -24, -24
Magentas; -15, -46, -100, -100
Neutrals; +47, +5, -5, +18

Create a Vibrance layer, set to Color and set vibrance to +49 and saturation to +15. Erase from her face, arms and hands again but do not fade.

Flatten, save, and you're done!



For this I'm posting the PSD because I honestly cannot find the textures I used in this as I've cleaned out my texture folders since I've made this. This icon is really easy to do and I hope you can use it for something! Let me know if you have any questions!
Get the psd here!

[Breaking Bad blocking]
So we're going to use another BB image for this as I don't have the original psd. The blocking is ridiculously simple and I was kicking myself when I found out how to do it the easy way! lol I've also posted how to do this on anon_icon last year sometime so if this look familiar that's 'cause it was me! :P

First off I'm using this cap and I'm just resizing it for simplicity's sake (mine is 200x200).

When you've got your base and have done whatever it is you want to it (coloring, textures, etc.). Create a merged layer (ctrl + shift + alt + e) so what all you've done is in one layer. Copy this layer. Ctrl + t to bring up the resize tool and make it smaller than the original size something like this

Now copy that how ever many times you want and move them around til you get something like this

Then go to Filter > Other > Offset. A window will open up and you just move the sliders around til you get something that you think looks good. I leave mine on "Wrap Around" as well, you don't have to though. I sometimes use more than one layer to make it look good. It's really up to you.

Here's my result. It's not very good but you get the idea. ;3